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Cheapest flights to Zagreb?

Usually cheaper flights to Zagreb are transit flights. Croatia Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines are some of the companies that fly to Zagreb. If you want to have cheap prices you must book early because cheap flights finish quickly!

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Zagreb , an overview

Zagreb is the capital of Croatia and is a charming medieval center attracting tourists to walk the cobblestone streets where your imagination is brought back to ancient times. The city is divided into two parts, upper and lower sections. The top sections is the oldest part of town, while the lower section of the town, is the Leisure Centre.

What to do in Zagreb

Cultural life in Zagreb is unusual, Strossmayer setaliste is the famous walking Street with many cafés and restaurants, you can find many artists to Sketch you. Summer concerts are organized here. Maksimir Park is the largest garden in Zagreb. Here you can either visit the Zoo and small lake or enjoy a meal at one of the cafes. Also in summer the Juran Lake can be enjoyed, along with swimming and other water sports. There are Zagreb's pubs and clubs.

Getting around in Zagreb

There is huge public transportation network in Zagreb and one can get a ticket for transportation from one of the sales booths to take trips using multiple local buses, trains and trams. These Tourist cards entitle one to get discounts in some restaurants, bars and museums in the city. Using taxis in Zagreb is a bit expensive.

Zagreb hotels

Accommodation in Zagreb is relatively cheap and most of the hotels are well equipped and modern. Jägerhorn Hotel is a comfortable hotel located in the heart of Zagreb for all family members. Business travellers choose Palace Hotel as a beautiful resort located near the airport and the city centre.

Zagreb tourist attractions

Take a stroll in the narrow streets cobbled with medieval rocks. It will take you back several hundred years back. Stop at the gate of the old city and lit up a candle in front of the image of the Virgin Mary. There are a number of interesting museums in Zagreb including the archaeological museum and ethnographic museum where one can enjoy several thousand artworks by famous artists and most museums are closed on Monday.

More info on Zagreb

From Mount Medvenica, you can get great views of the city. You can visit the amazing old Castle. In summer, festivals such as Knights championship and other historical events are being held.

Below is some information about airports located in Zagreb

Zagreb International Airport Code: ZAG

Located 17 km South-East of the city and offers its services to all travellers to and from Zagreb. There are regular buses that go between the airport and the bus station in the city.

Map of Zagreb

Quick facts Zagreb

Below are some facts about Zagreb, Croatia.
  • Population: 793 000
  • Language:
  • Currency: HRK
  • 6.3HRK = 1 USD

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