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Cheapest flights to Milan?

It`s easy to get cheap flights to Milan from Sweden. You can travel directly through SAS and Ryanair. The cheapest time to travel to Milan is in the winter, but you can also get cheap tickets in the summer if you booked early.

Price graph for Milan

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Milan , an overview

Milan is the second largest Italian city located in the northern part of Lombardy. Maybe the city is not known to be a beautiful city, but modern and up to date. It is one of the most famous cities in shopping and fashion. The city has many other recreational places for life lovers.

What to do in Milan

Milan is the holy place for fashion lovers. Montenapoleone is where boutiques has famous designs such as Gucci, Prada and Armani. It is not impossible to see a celebrity shopping there. Buenos Aires Avenue is a neighborhood where you find the best prices and the cheapest shopping, it is also the largest shopping street in Europe. Milan city is bustling with life at night and you can choose between small neighborhood bars or nightclubs where the luxurious celebrities celebrate. If you're a fan of football then you should attend the match at the San Siro stadium at AC Milan club and Internazionali. Milan has some of the most famous opera theaters such as La Scala Opera House. Watching the opera there is an important cultural experience.

Getting around in Milan

Transportation works well in Milan. It is easy to move from one place to another using the tram or metro, and buses as a good option as it works with a modern and orderly way.

Milan hotels

There is a limited number of hotels in Milan to choose from. Roxy Hotel is suitable for those looking for a good budget and would like to stay in the city center. Boscolo Hotel is a very luxurious hotel.

Milan tourist attractions

One of the most important landmarks of Milan that you should see during your visit is the Duomo, which surprises you with the large size and you can climb to the cathedral top to get a great city view. There are a number of the city's museums, palaces, monuments, and squares to be explored but you should go away from the city center.

More info on Milan

Milan is characterized by severe cold in winter while the summer is hot and dry. To get rid of excessive heat in the summer, you can go to Lake Garda as does the city's population that is far from the city center about an hour by train, or you can sit in a cafe and enjoy Palmtgat.

Below is some information about airports located in Milan

Milan Malpensa Airport Code: MXP

The main international airport in Milan is located 40 km from the city. You can access the city by train or bus, while it is not recommended to use taxis because they are relatively expensive.

Linate Airport Code: LIN

Linate Airport is a small airport located 7 km from Milan and you can go to the city by local buses regularly between the airport and the city.

Orio Al Serio Airport Code: BGY

Located 45 km north-east of Milan, which is managed from a low budget airlines.

Map of Milan

Quick facts Milan

Below are some facts about Milan, Italy.
  • Population: 1 343 000
  • Language:
  • Currency: EUR
  • 1EUR = 1.19 USD

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