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Cheapest flights to Gran Canaria?

Flights to Gran Canaria is cheaper during autumn, and winter except for December most cheap airlines fly to Gran Canaria as well as SAS, Swiss Air, Lufthansa, Spanair, and KLM.

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Gran Canaria , an overview

There are several reasons to travel to Gran Canaria every year. Varied and splendid landscapes are one of the reasons for visiting Gran Canaria. It is easy to find place to vacation because there are many hotels, restaurants, beaches and adventures.

What to do in Gran Canaria

The main attraction may be a beach where you can enjoy a swim and sunbathe and practice many water sports as well as many other things that can be done in Gran Canaria. It can be more than that in the capital, where Palma offers good shopping opportunities, restaurants, cafes and nightclubs. Beautiful landscapes on the island give you a chance to experience mountain climbing, or riding and other sports. You must have time to explore more than 290 caves on the island.

Getting around in Gran Canaria

There is a good local transport network in Gran Canaria from most resorts. If you want to explore nature on your own, you can rent a car at an affordable price. Roads are good and uncluttered, beside that you can also rent a bike or motorcycle.

Gran Canaria hotels

There are many hotels in Gran Canaria to choose what suits you by budget and taste. Concorde was built in 1969 with a modern design renovated in 2002. There is everything you could wish to get it in your vacation, the price of the night is less than 1000 SEK in the center of Las Palmas. Playa del Inglés is a luxurious resort where you can stay in a luxurious atmosphere with high standards in the IFA Buenaventura Hotel. The hotel offers excellent service in a great atmosphere. There are other budget options for travelers. Apartamentos Las Faluas is just steps from Playa del Ingles, a clean and beautiful hotel at a good price.

Gran Canaria tourist attractions

Grand Canaria is an island with many monuments from various aspects. La Cueva Pintada is no doubt one of the main attractions as a museum and a garden full of archaeological discoveries. Historical discoveries are also found in every small town in Gran Canaria, where you can find a whole different ereas and ages along with churches and monuments. Nature on the island is the factor to attract tourists in addition to many national parks protecting nature for future generations. Dunas de Maspalomas is one of the unique national parks. If you want to learn more about the nature of the island's culture and history, you can visit one of the many museums.

More info on Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is an island dedicated to holidays and can be visited throughout the year and suitable for all types of travelers. The number of travelers to Gran Canaria increases.

Below is some information about airports located in Gran Canaria

Las Palmas Gran Canaria Airport Code: LPA

Gran Canaria Airport is 1.8 miles south Las Palmas, the capital of the island. There are buses and taxis to transport tourists to resorts and hotels from the airport. For those who wish to rent a car it is preferable to do so at the airport.

Map of Gran Canaria

Quick facts Gran Canaria

Below are some facts about Gran Canaria, Spain.
  • Population: 839 000
  • Language: Spanish
  • Currency: EUR
  • 1EUR = 1.17 USD

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