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Cheapest flights to Ibiza?

Flights to Ibiza is cheaper during autumn, and winter except for December most cheap airlines fly to Ibiza as well as SAS, Swiss Air, Lufthansa, Spanair, and KLM.

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Ibiza , an overview

It is one of the busiest areas with dancing youth all night. Shops are scattered in the small alleys. You can also enjoy the wonderful beaches located on the island. Ibiza is a fun island full of life for everyone to explore.

What to do in Ibiza

The beaches are the main attraction in Ibiza during the day. The main beach is Salinas, but there are many beaches to choose from and entertainment available on the beaches particularly diving and riding boats along with several water sports. You can take a comfortable and quiet sunbathe, you can take the boat to the nearby island of Formentera characterized by tranquility and security. Ibiza is a place worth exploring in the old town with many small winding streets and small shops, restaurants and cafes. You can shop from a hippie market in town, don't forget to bargain on price.

Getting around in Ibiza

If you are staying in Ibiza, you can walk, the resort is not large. When you reach to magnificent beaches of the island there are boats transporting people to every beach. Those who wish to explore the rest of Ibiza can rent a car or bus.

Ibiza hotels

There are a number of hotels with varying and different prices in Ibiza to choose from. You'll find everything from luxury hotels to cheap and small. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on a hotel, you can get a hotel room in the nearby town of Playa Sol Apartamentos hotel if you're lucky you'll get a room for 200 SEK per night. For those who would like to stay in the best hotel, spend more and at the Los Molinos Hotel that is approximately 900 metres from the city centre, Gran Ibiza Hotel is a luxury hotel where you stay in a comfortable environment but a bit expensive. If you want to stay in a quiet and peaceful place you can Choose a hotel outside the Talamanca which is a party area.

Ibiza tourist attractions

UNESCO declared Ibiza world heritage site because of its beautiful old houses, and medieval castle. If you are traveling to Dalt Vila, you can try the beauty shop. If you are interested in history, visit Museo Arquelogic

More info on Ibiza

Hip island of Ibiza was forgotten since 1990 by Swedish travellers now it began to become famous again. If you had the opportunity, look for a hotel in Ibiza where you can stay in a nice and quiet atmosphere and avoid loud areas. The best time to travel to Ibiza is spring, early summer and early fall. If you want to enjoy the peace and tranquility in Ibiza, avoid travelling in winter where temperature falls below 16 degrees.

Below is some information about airports located in Ibiza

Ibiza Airport Code: IBZ

Ibiza Airport is located 8 km southwest of Ibiza, you can get to and from the airport using buses or taxis. 85% of airport traffic is between May and October.

Map of Ibiza

Quick facts Ibiza

Below are some facts about Ibiza, Spain.
  • Population: 140 000
  • Language:
  • Currency: EUR
  • 1EUR = 1.08 USD

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