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Flights to Menorca is cheaper during autumn, and winter except for December most cheap airlines fly to Menorca as well as SAS, Swiss Air, Lufthansa, Spanair, and KLM.

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Menorca , an overview

Small island of Menorca is a pleasant and quiet place. A city inhabited by cows and horses than humans. Here you will find peace and enjoy quiet sandy beautiful beaches.

What to do in Menorca

One can watch sandy beaches that stretch along the coast in Menorca eagerly. Shop at the capital Mahon, the brunt of cafes and restaurants in the narrow streets and you can experience the quiet resort of Ciutadella. Menorca is famous for selling shoes and Jane drink. If you go to the Ferraris center on the island you can buy cheese from Hort de Sant Patrici. Menorca organizes various events for horses everywhere. You can also do a cruise to enjoy the sea and the natural life.

Getting around in Menorca

Public transportation is limited in the island. There are buses move between Mahon and Cittadella and some other points of interest. Cheap and easy buses are available if you travel between cities. Taxis are available if you want to explore the wonderful nature of the island. You can rent a motorcycle instead of a car.

Menorca hotels

There are many good hotels in Menorca to choose from, many of which are new, which makes you realize that Menorca is beautiful and full of life. Hotels are characterized by their prices and good standards, they are suitable for families. Average score and family-friendly Hotel Sol Menorca is a small, charming and located along the coast. Travelers limited by budget can consider several options including the three-star Hotel Sol Milanos Pinguios which is big hotel for many unimaginable services. But if you want a very special stay, you could find affordable hotels, including Insotel Club Punta Prima near the beach with the same name, it offers the best services amid a wonderful environment.

Menorca tourist attractions

The Capital Mahon is located in one of the largest natural harbors in the world. Mahon is full of English architecture. Ciutadella resort is on the other side of the island as a real Spanish city full of narrow beautiful streets. There are Special churches with beautiful architecture in the city too. Ciutadella in the evening turns into a popular outdoor market.

More info on Menorca

Menorca does not allow exploiting the island for tourists and has always sought to preserve its Spanish identity. The best time to travel to Menorca is during the summer, but there is also a lot to discover in the winter when the weather is mild.

Below is some information about airports located in Menorca

Menorca Airport Code: MAH

Menorca airport is located 5 km south west of Mahon the capital. More than a million people use the airport every year, and there are taxis and buses outside the airport.

Map of Menorca

Quick facts Menorca

Below are some facts about Menorca, Spain.
  • Population: 95 000
  • Language: Spanish
  • Currency: EUR
  • 1EUR = 1.08 USD

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