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The cheapest flights to Alanya can be out of the rush season during winter spring and autumn. But sometimes anyone can get a cheap ticket at the last moment. You can get to Alanya by the Turkish airlines, and Pegasus. During the summer, direct planned flights fly there from Swedish cities.

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Alanya , an overview

Alanya is the favorite Turkish city to European tourists. Lately, halal tourism became popular there. The city lies at the southern coast and 120 km to the east of Antalya. Alanya`s water is bluish green. There are monumental sites in Alanya, along with orange and apricot farms on the southern Turkish coast, which is a popular destination itself for tourists in the Mediterranean, specially the part between Antalya, and Alanya.

What to do in Alanya

You can go in safari trips in the mountains around Alanya. You can also visit traditional Turkish villages in the area, plus taking boat trips with free lunch if you are a sea fan. rnYou can also enjoy sitting in one of the cafes by the beach to drink a Turkish tea or any other drink in a positive atmosphere around people. You can visit one of the museums during the day to get to know the history of Alanya and Turkey in general. Enjoy famous Turkish food like kabab in one of the many restaurants all over the city.

Getting around in Alanya

Move inside Alanya by using buses or Dolmus which are mini buses where many people can ride at the same time. If you want to go outside the town, you can have two options; either take a taxi; which is a little expensive, or rent a car and drive by yourself. Make sure to agree on the fees before riding taxi.

Alanya hotels

Blue sky hotel lies by the beach. What give the hotel more character is private sandy beach by the Mediterranean and the roof restaurant that overlooks Alanya Beach. The hotel is 2 km away from the downtown. Cleopatra beach is 5 minutes away by car from the hotel. There is a bus stop right in front of the hotel. The 4 star Panorama hotel lies by a private sandy beach in Alanya City, it has a terrace on the roof that overlooks the Mediterranean. There is also a big pool and a tennis court. Cleopatra Ramira Hotel lies in a pivotal site in Alanya city, which is 800 meters away from the famous Cleopatra beach and only 1 km away from the downtown.

Alanya tourist attractions

Whether the tourist is enjoying on a surface of a tourist ship or swimming in the water or having a picnic or lying by the beach under the sun umbrella, he can see scenes from the old ages to the middle ages in many areas. Any tourist can see the famous Alanya fortress with its high walls and castle while lying by any beach. Behind each store palm tree, restaurants, or park, you will find a new view with mosques, walls, towers, seas, and ports of Alanya. You can also see the read tower that is found on many of touristic cards all over the city. Ataturk statue is one of the most important attractions in Alanya, turkey. Mostafa Kamal Ataturk is the one who built it. It is located near the port in the middle of the main street in Alanya, which also has the name of the founding father in the little churches valley, there are many sculpted areas, where saints used to live and each house has its own praying area. This area is an open monumental museum where many tourists visit.

More info on Alanya

It is a monumental Turkish city that many European tourists visit. The city lies by the southern coast and 120 km far to the east of antalia. Alanya is consedred as one of the most amazing places in turkey for the high mountains and golden beaches that surround it.

Below is some information about airports located in Alanya

Gazipaşa Airport Code: GZP

The airport is 30 minutes away from Alanya. It has international and local flights and services many cities such as Sidi, Anamor, and others. You can get to the airport by buses or taxis.

Map of Alanya

Quick facts Alanya

Below are some facts about Alanya, Turkey.
  • Population: 104 573
  • Language:
  • Currency: TRY
  • 8.64TRY = 1 USD

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