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Cheapest flights to Kemer?

The cheapest flights to Kemer can be out of the rush season during winter spring and autumn. But sometimes anyone can get a cheap ticket at the last moment. You can get to Kemer by the Turkish airlines, and Pegasus. During the summer, direct planned flights fly there from Swedish cities.

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Kemer , an overview

Kemer is a small coastal touristic city on the Turkish Riviera. It is famous for its tourist resorts, hotels and sandy beaches surrounded by mountains and green hills.

What to do in Kemer

You can spend a lot of time in cafes and restaurants in the village and enjoy the traditional Turkish dishes. If you love diving, you can dive the Mediterranean and enjoy picturesque water views. You can also visit the ancient mosques in the town, visit museums, and learn about its history and the full history of Turkey.

Getting around in Kemer

You can move in Kemer by using bus or Dolmus, which are minibuses transporting several people at the same time. If you want to go to places outside the city, you have two options, either go by taxi and that will be a little expensive, or rent a car and drive yourself. Be aware of the cost if you use taxis before riding the car.

Kemer hotels

Kemer has many hotels and huge luxury resorts. It is considered an important destination for many tourists from Europe and Russia. Life during Winter stops for its dependence on tourism in general and hotels close till the Summer. Hotels are generally less expensive than those in Central Antalya or Lara Beach, most hotels include all services and meals in costs.

Kemer tourist attractions

Kemer is characterized by its natural beauty, blue water, bays, mountains covered with pine trees, quiet atmosphere, many restaurants, cafes, night clubs and parks in addition to the port of boats, parks and playgrounds for children to serve all visitors alike. There are many coastal villages near Kemer, 'Olympus Talafrick” and the archaeological city 'Phaselis' as the road to it in itself is fun to pass along the beach on the edge of the towering Taurus Mountains. Kemer is the perfect place to spend a summer vacation if what you're looking for is tranquility and beauty of nature. Antalya is less than an hour by bus and there is constantly a line between them and Antalya.

More info on Kemer

Kemer is 40 km away from the center of Antalya and both are linked together by the coast. You can reach it by small buses where there is a direct bus line from Antalya to Kemer known as ' Kemer Express ', and the word Kemer means belt in Arabic.

Below is some information about airports located in Kemer

Antalya Airport Code: AYT

Antalya airport is 13 km northeast of Antalya City Centre by the Mediterranean coast. The airport receives millions of travelers coming to Turkey to enjoy Mediterranean beaches. The airport has international and domestic terminal stations. You can reach the city by taxi.

Map of Kemer

Quick facts Kemer

Below are some facts about Kemer, Turkey.
  • Population: 22 732
  • Language:
  • Currency: TRY
  • 8.64TRY = 1 USD

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