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Cheapest flights to Manchester?

There are cheap flights to Manchester throughout the year as long as you avoid important festivals and school holidays. You can travel from Sweden directly to Manchester with SAS, Easy Jet, City Airline AerOlympic, and other companies such as Lufthansa, and British and French Air.

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The price graph shows an average of the lowest airfares to Manchester, United Kingdom found on Prices are for 1 adult, round trip from Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmö / Copenhagen to Manchester. The graph indicates when you can expect to find cheap flights to Manchester during the year. You get live prices through the search function at the top of the page.

Manchester , an overview

Manchester is located in the north-west of England, a major city where more than two million people live in its suburbs. In the past, Manchester was famous for industries, but is now an educational city where foreign students and nightlife beyond the familiar. The city is a popular destination for football and music lovers.

What to do in Manchester

There are two major universities in Manchester. It is known for being an educational city with good prices, thanks to the cheap restaurants and bars especially in the center and south of the city. Vibrant nightlife in the city, intimate bars, local bands music, live music, or commercial disco music will be your choices for entertainment. If you love football you do not have to waste the opportunity to watch a soccer game in the city and if you are lucky you will get a chance to watch the match between the two rivals Manchester City and Manchester United.

Getting around in Manchester

One can easily access to sightseeing in Manchester on foot, but if you wanted to go to a relatively distant places or outside the city, it is better to go by bus or tram and taxis in the city as it is cheaper than London.

Manchester hotels

Stay at Manchester hotel that does not cost much, and most hotels take about 500 kronor per night. Britannia Hotel - Manchester City is a fantastic medium hotel and close to the city center with a traditional British design. If you want to stay in a luxurious hotel to access to Spa and other services stay at The Lowry Hotel.

Manchester tourist attractions

View the whole Manchester through riding the large Manchester Wheel located in the heart of the city as a great way to explore the city if you are not suffering from vertigo from high places, as the wheel rises almost 60 meters. The old part of the city is called Castlefield where you can see Manchester Cathedral and admir the University of Manchester.

More info on Manchester

Manchester is characterized by a temperate maritime and rarely become hot or cold, but it is common for heavy lasting rains less than it is in London, it rains less in the spring and summer, and that's what encourages visiting the city in this period.

Below is some information about airports located in Manchester

Manchester Airport Code: MAN

Manchester Airport is the largest UK airport outside London and was one of 50 largest airports in the world. A large number of trips fly from the airport to the world's more than 100 airlines. One can reach the city or the taxi from the airport, which is located 14 km south of the city center by train.

Map of Manchester

Quick facts Manchester

Below are some facts about Manchester, United Kingdom.
  • Population: 503 000
  • Language:
  • Currency: GBP
  • 1GBP = 1.37 USD

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