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Daytona Beach , an overview

The huge sandy beaches stretching from mile to another made the region one of the most popular destinations in America. Daytona Beach in Florida is where the good life, the delicious food, good weather, bars, restaurants and shopping stores. You have the option of taking the car to the beach on the American way.

What to do in Daytona Beach

In Daytona Beach motor sports are as a religious concern. Do as the locals do and participate in one of the races. As most American cities, shopping in the city is wonderful and the largest commercial center in the city is the Volusia Mall beside a number of other centers and shopping streets. Golfers have a special place in the city as well as tennis courts. If you are interested in space sciences, you can visit the Canadian Centre for space and then visit Disney World a little remote from Daytona Beach.

Getting around in Daytona Beach

The easiest and simplest option for moving in Daytona Beach is by car, as the case in other us cities and towns. VoTran is the main local bus system in the city and works well. Buses are inexpensive. If you like driving along the beach in the charming summer, you can ride a tram that runs along the beach.

Daytona Beach hotels

Hotels is filled completely most of the time. You can find a room but not necessarily in the right hotel. Acapulco Hotel and resort is a cheap hotel costing between 400 and 600 SEK per night. A good alternative in relatively expensive locations is The Shores Resort and Spa. Saxony Hotel is cheap.

Daytona Beach tourist attractions

Daytona International Speedway is one of the biggest car race tracks in America even in public roads, you can see motorcycles and cars pass exquisitely and often festivals are held for this. Picnic along the shore have particular exciting taste not only for people but also for pink flamingos and it is the most famous in Florida. Daytona Beach, interesting museums, including the Museum of Arts and Sciences, is a whole bunch of different museums under one roof.

More info on Daytona Beach

Students gather from all over the United States in Daytona Beach during March to celebrate. Daytona Beach can be visited year-round, even in the presence of potential storms during autumn. More than 8 million tourists visit the city each year during the fall and spring.

Below is some information about airports located in Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach International Airport Code: DAB

It is a quiet airport and not far from the city center. There are buses and taxis at the airport. A number of hotels offer transport services directly to the hotel according to demand.

Map of Daytona Beach

Quick facts Daytona Beach

Below are some facts about Daytona Beach, United States of America.
  • Population: 350 000
  • Language:
  • Currency: USD
  • 1USD = 1 USD

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