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Honolulu , an overview

Hawaii is the dream of every traveler, what would be better than the dream to visit Honolulu. It is the capital of Hawaii, a port city and here you can enjoy a unique holiday with sunbathing, swimming, culture and enthusiasm, not only that but you can also enjoy the wonderful nightlife and main attractions.

What to do in Honolulu

The biggest part of the day must be spent by the beach, and the best beach on the island is Wookey. Diamond Head Mountain can be itself a place worth exploring and watching. It is advised to exercise diving and snorkeling. You can go and enjoy the sea life at Sea Life Park, and Waikki Aquarium. If you're a fan of spices, head to Chinatown where many spice shops and local-made products are located. The best place to spend quality time during the night is Waikki Beach and Chinatown.

Getting around in Honolulu

The charming tram will get you to all main amazing sites in the city. If you bought daily access card, you can use it for all transportation means. Buses get you to places where trams do not reach. Taxis are a completely different option. You can rent a car to drive it around Oahu. If you wanted to reach the other islands use the ferry.

Honolulu hotels

Expect to pay about 1000 SEK for a double room to get a room in the average class hotel. There are hotels at cheaper prices and other more expensive to choose from. The Equus is inexpensive choice. Hotel Renew is a classic average hotel just half a block from Wookey Beach. Royal Hotel guests stay in a quiet atmosphere by the Wookey beach without spending a fortune.

Honolulu tourist attractions

There are many tourist and historical attractions but among the most interesting one is the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, The Bishop Museum and Village Plantation. You can find quietness at Buyodo Buddhist temple at the foot of Mount Cola. There are also a variety of botanical gardens in the valley of Waimea where one enjoys. You should not miss the opportunity to visit the Royal Palace in Honolulu.

More info on Honolulu

It is the paradise where travelers from different ages ago. Old people, families, and couples, enjoy their love by the beach in the city Honolulu is a big dream for many people. Luckily weather is constantly good there, which makes it a lovely destination during the whole year. Weather is nice with a rising sun every day.

Below is some information about airports located in Honolulu

Honolulu International Airport Code: HNL

The airport is 6.5 miles away to the west side of the city million travelers use it per year. Most hotels offers transportation between the airport and the hotel. Though you can use taxis or buses to reach the airport.

Map of Honolulu

Quick facts Honolulu

Below are some facts about Honolulu, United States of America.
  • Population: 803 000
  • Language:
  • Currency: USD
  • 1USD = 1 USD

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