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Tampa , an overview

Explore a big city by the sea, it is beautiful location by a big natural port. Here, you will find everything you want in an American city beside miles of great golden sand. Spend your vacation by the beach, go shopping, visit the cultural attractions, and experience many other options in the city.

What to do in Tampa

You will find Tamba bay resorts at the south. Taking a boat trip is unforgettable experience, but be careful of crocodiles. If you want a safer option, go to Disney world, or discover bush gardens where you will find wild animals such as giraffe, wild donkeys, and Haynes. There are also golf courts.

Getting around in Tampa

You can move around Tamba by using network of buses. But it is just like any other American city, it is easier and better to rent a car. Taxis are also comfortable mean to move in the city, but it is a little bit expensive between downtown and Ybor city, there is a small and comfortable tram.

Tampa hotels

The city is full of hotels with different qualities and prices. It is easy to find a hotel with 300 SEK per night such as quality inn Tampa bush gardens. A high standards hotel will cost around 800 SEK per night, and more such as Marriott Tampa waterside hotel and marina in the middle of the city. If you wanted a luxury hotel got to grand Hyatt Tampa bay.

Tampa tourist attractions

The historical neighborhood, Ybor city, and old Hyde Park are the best attractions in the city. There are many festivals held in Tampa every year, some of them are held by the beautiful Tampa River that is full of boats, unique houses, and great people. Tampa theatre is a luxury building where parties and shows are presented.

More info on Tampa

Tamba can be visited any time, during autumn, there are hurricanes and storms in the Caribbean, but they are not permanent. Tampa is a terrific place to explore in Florida. Various touristic ship visit the port regularly.

Below is some information about airports located in Tampa

Tampa International Airport Code: TPA

It is a medium airport for internal and international flights. It is 8 km away to the west of the city. Reach it by buses or taxis from the hotel.

Map of Tampa

Quick facts Tampa

Below are some facts about Tampa, United States of America.
  • Population: 2 442 000
  • Language:
  • Currency: USD
  • 1USD = 1 USD

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