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West Palm Beach , an overview

The classic vacation in West Palm Beach is the one we are looking for along Florida coast, streets by the beach are full of palm trees, the beautiful scenery from the walking area to the golden sand and blue sea is exactly what you long for. West Palm Beach is full of historical little neighborhood, its shopping experience and culture is different than any other city.

What to do in West Palm Beach

There are many activities for the family. We recommend you visit an animal Lyon Park Country Safari, where you will see a number of endangered animals such as the white rhino. Long trip to Disney World will be an unforgettable experience .One day visit to Peanut Island will be another experience worth the trouble trip, it contains a basement that was used to protect John F. Kennedy during war, beside wonderful museums, golf courses and shopping centers. Free concerts are held every Thursday in the open air around the city, where handicrafts are sold.

Getting around in West Palm Beach

In the center, you can ride trams for free, if you wanted. To go away from the center, you should rent a car like Americans. The city is suitable for cars as there are parkings everywhere. Taxis are comfortable but a little bit expensive. Other than that, you can use the bus.

West Palm Beach hotels

A good hotel in West Palm Beach cost per night around 1000 SEK and you can find promotional prices up to half the price. Hetlon Garden Inn West Palm Beach Airport hotel offers lower prices. Biba Hotel is a high-quality hotel and if you want a more comfortable hotel with a good budget try Brasilian Court Hotel as a suitable substitute not far from the beach.

West Palm Beach tourist attractions

Technology Museum in South Florida is full of strange things that suit all ages. Rapids Water Park is a water park suitable for everyone. Antique Row is a small neighborhood in the city where you find shops to sell old things from different eras and continents. City Place contains a charming large area with various cultural events.The Norton Museum of Art includes a variety of artworks.

More info on West Palm Beach

West palm beach is a great destination for the whole year, and it attracts families and golf, and diving lovers.

Below is some information about airports located in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach International Airport Code: PBI

The airport is 4 km on the west side of the city, and it is reachable by the bus or taxi. It is also quiet and entertaining.

Map of West Palm Beach

Quick facts West Palm Beach

Below are some facts about West Palm Beach, United States of America.
  • Population: 100 000
  • Language:
  • Currency: USD
  • 1USD = 1 USD

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