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Cheapest flights to Nice?

Nice is a famous travel destination and the cheapest time to travel is off-season in the spring or fall, and especially in July and August. When most of the inhabitants of southern Europe is on vacation it can be difficult to find cheap flights to Nice. If you want to travel you should book early.rnCompanies that fly to Nice are SAS, Air France and Norwegian Air.

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The price graph shows an average of the lowest airfares to Nice, France found on Prices are for 1 adult, round trip from Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmö / Copenhagen to Nice. The graph indicates when you can expect to find cheap flights to Nice during the year. You get live prices through the search function at the top of the page.

Nice , an overview

Nice is often called the French Riviera. Pearl and Nice la belle has a lot to offer travelers of all ages and it is not impossible to meet some celebrities and royal families here because it is a popular destination to spend the holidays among the elite.

What to do in Nice

Promenade des Anglais is a must visit place where palmtrees are lined along the street as well as many restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Most of the beaches of Nice are filled with gravel, making it uncomfortable to lie, but the sea is very clean. For the best scene of the city and the Riviera you can climb Coline du Chateau, where you can find the ruins of the ancient castle.

Getting around in Nice

Just as all the countries bordering the beach, Nice has a very private network of public transportation. Buses can reach all parts of the city easily. Most of the tourist attractions are concentrated in the old part of the city. You can walk the old part. The taxi in Nice is very expensive and it can sometimes be difficult to get a taxi.

Nice hotels

Since you spend your vacation among celebrities and royal families, it is difficult to find cheap hotels in Nice away from July and August, if you would like to get cheap hotels. Hotel Excelsior is a small and good hotel in the center of Nice. If you want to stay next to the beach you can try the luxurious Hotel La Perouse that has amazing views of the aqzure Mediterranean sea.

Nice tourist attractions

Visit the old town of Vieux Nice is inevitable as well as walking the streets lined with houses and shops. Phoenix Park is a botanical garden where you can enjoy more than 2,500 different species of plants and a number of animals, making it a distinctive destination for the whole family.

More info on Nice

Why not take advantage of being in Nice to visit Monaco, a small country that is famous for its casinos and the many celebrities who live there. There are trains from Nice to Monaco on a regular basis and it does not take more than an hour to get there.

Below is some information about airports located in Nice

Nice Cote dAzur Airport Code: NCE

France's third busiest airports is located 6 km south-west of Nice and has two stations offering services to approximately 10 million people a year. The local buses regularly move between the airport and the city and you can walk from the airport to the city but it will take an hour.

Map of Nice

Quick facts Nice

Below are some facts about Nice, France.
  • Population: 345 000
  • Language:
  • Currency: EUR
  • 1EUR = 11.21 SEK

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