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Orlando , an overview

Orlando is the city of fun. We do not approach night without entertainment, shopping, and attractions. If you have family and children, Orlando is recommended. The city progressed a lot during the past 30 or 40 years to become one of the biggest attractive and touristic American cities. Thanks to Disney world, universal studios and others. Also the good weather is attractive.

What to do in Orlando

The question is not what will you do, but what do you want to do as there are many to be done for oldies and children. You will find many attractive places without even mentioning the main touristic places. Golf lovers are close to golf rounds that are held in the city. Why do not you try watching one of the mini golf rounds.

Getting around in Orlando

Just like any American city, you need a car as distance is long even if you are going to shop. Make sure to rent a car from day one because roads are excellent in Orlando, but it might be hard to get to certain locations. Gps is not a bad idea. Get to Disney land for free by train. Many hotels have buses to transfer the residents to Disney world.

Orlando hotels

Most people choose living outside Orlando where Disney world lies and other attraction. There are hotles outside and inside Disney. You can also rent a house in a compound as this accommodation provides more freedom and prices Windsor hills offers a good high level accommodation near Disney world. Taxes are added on all hotels prices.

Orlando tourist attractions

The main spot in Orlando is, of course, Disney World and Universal Studio. Do not you think that these places are just for kids as adults also enjoy there. Sea World is worth a visit to get a chance to swim with dolphins or whales. You need to know that everywhere you will visit will need a full day of your trip and waiting for your turn may take a long time in the seasons. There are 6 parks at Disney World, including aquatic gardens and parks so you will need a full day in each park.

More info on Orlando

Orlando is not expensive, where specialized stores with low prices, and negotiable offers on designers clothes. Remember that all restaurants add tips to the bill. Gardens around Orlando, food and drink are a little more expensive than other places but still acceptable. It costs 7-8 USD to get a meal from fast food restaurant. Get comfortable shoes to walk a lot.

Below is some information about airports located in Orlando

Orlando International Airport Code: MCO

The Main airport OF Orlando is 14 km to the west south of the city center.

Orlando Sanford International Airport Code: SFB

It lies 29 km to the north of Orlando. The airport developed a lot in the past years notably.

Map of Orlando

Quick facts Orlando

Below are some facts about Orlando, United States of America.
  • Population: 1 511 000
  • Language:
  • Currency: USD
  • 1USD = 10.64 SEK

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