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Cheapest flights to Rio de Janeiro?

There are a variety of airlines transporting passengers between Europe and Rio de Janeiro and most flights stop in one European country before heading to Brazil. Prices vary a lot between an airline and another, even between dates, and days, the best times to travel to Rio de Janeiro with a very cheap price is in January.

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The price graph shows an average of the lowest airfares to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil found on Prices are for 1 adult, round trip from Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmö / Copenhagen to Rio de Janeiro. The graph indicates when you can expect to find cheap flights to Rio de Janeiro during the year. You get live prices through the search function at the top of the page.

Rio de Janeiro , an overview

Rio de Janeiro is a city of dreams, famous for its annual Carnival music that makes the visitor wishes to stay in the city, the Carnival is just reminds you how great is the city. Nature scenery in town, and the beautiful golden beaches plus great lights that illuminate the nights of Rio de Janeiro makes the town ful of life. Rio de Janeiro is surrounded by beautiful scenery and eye-catching towering mountains giving the visitor a unique experience.

What to do in Rio de Janeiro

You must divide your trip in Rio de Janeiro to two, great beaches, and inside the city. On the beach, you can practice several sports, including VolleyBall, and swimming. Plagen Cobacabana is perhaps the most famous beach where there are many sports and vital work. Ipanema and Centro are two other examples of good beaches. You can enjoy restaurants, bars, and last but not least the Samba clubs, the world's most famous dance. What is special about this city is that all the residents are fans of soccer. Trip to Rio de Janeiro's wonderful countryside must be done, there you can climb mountains and learn about a different world. You can also spend more time in the resort of Paraty which is constructed of colonial style, and if you want to relax in the heart of the big city go to Tijuaca National Park.

Getting around in Rio de Janeiro

Rio is a noisy capital and it is difficult to overcome this situation, but there is a solution to this problem which is the subway. Clean safe and air-conditioned trains make the journey comfortable but there are only two roads covering a limited part of the city, and in other places you can travel by bus. The bus network is simple and inexpensive. Yellow taxis are always in the streets, and cars are not necessary in such case, traffic does not require hiring one. But don't forget to lock your car and turn on the alarm clock if you want to rent one.

Rio de Janeiro hotels

Hotels in Rio as other prices in large cities cost about 1000 SEK per night. There is a cheaper option for the traveler in Hotel Aeroporto Othon near modern art museum downtown. Hotel Astoria Palace is a middle class hotel. The colorful city is full of luxury, if you're lucky you can find a cheap hotel room in Copacabana Palace in Copacabana.

Rio de Janeiro tourist attractions

Christ the Redeemer (statue) is one of the most distinctive attractive signs in the city. It is located on Mount Corcovado. The countryside surrounding the city and mountains are attractive to tourists and visitors that cannot be missed. Also Mount Pão De Asúcar is a privileged location with city views. National History Museum and the Imperial Palace are also major attractions for tourists.

More info on Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is the best choice and excellent destination all the year. All Brazil suffer from the carnival fever for 40 days before Easter, Rio de Janeiro Film Festival is the largest and the best of all festivals. If you want to travel to see this wonderful festival, and enjoy the Samba dance, resounding drums and other activities, you'll need to book early; otherwise you will not get a chance to find vacant hotels.

Below is some information about airports located in Rio de Janeiro

Galeão International Airport Code: GIG

It is an average size airport serving 9 million passengers located on the island just 2 miles outside the city. There are taxis to and from the airport.

Map of Rio de Janeiro

Quick facts Rio de Janeiro

Below are some facts about Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • Population: 12 387 000
  • Language:
  • Currency: BRL
  • 1BRL = 1.98 SEK

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